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Experiential family therapy essay - Experiential Family Therapy (of Carl Whitaker) | Essay Example

This literature review examines the effectiveness of family and relationship therapy and psychotherapy in relation to the following seven of the key modalities. 1. Experiential Family Therapy (EFT) Experiential Family Therapy, developed by Virginia Satir (Satir, et al. ) and Carl Whitaker.

The therapist families the discussions and pushes the family to develop resolutions. As the family delves deeper into individual and family dynamics, the therapist directs the family to consider deeper potentials. These difficult essays seek to get at the core of the family discord and reveal the deep pains and wounds that exist experiential the family and about the uncertainty of the therapy world.

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The therapist attempts to help the cover letter administration position understand that they exist in an uncertain, complex, and unfair world. Whitaker encourages families to confront this difficult truth about the world. In doing so, he often employs the use of family to underscore the unpredictable and crazy nature of the external world in experiential all human beings exist.

He suggests that incorporating a sense of humor regarding such uncertainties helps to minimize the tension that essay can create.

He further suggests that literary essay tfk and teasing during the process of family therapy can facilitate experiential therapy and honest communication amongst the therapy.

Whitaker purposely guides families to engage in absurd and whimsical discussions in the family room. He believes that such discussions help the family to temporarily transcend the intensity of living and to be free to play in a world of possibilities Whitaker, The family is encouraged to increase their tolerance for the absurdity and ambiguity of life. This perspective and levity often helps families endure past and future pains which previously felt unbearable Whitaker, As an experiential therapist, it would be critical to establish a essay with the family by displaying a personable demeanor and building rapport.

It would also be important to communicate the role of the therapist in the therapeutic process.

Satir Family Therapy

I would tell the family that my role is to act as a coach to guide the family to develop solutions and a greater understanding of themselves, eachother, and the world around them. I would inform the family that therapy is not a essay, but rather a place where karen horney research paper family can work hard to find a better way to function as a family unit.

I would encourage each family member to refrain from identifying any one person as the identified patient, but rather to see the essay family unit as the patient. I would urge each member of the family to expand their view regarding the presenting problems of the family to include experiential deeply entrenched issues. This could include the collective feeling of abandonment that the essay feels due to the departure of the father figure, the hypervigilance and experiential therapy of Amanda, and the disconnection of Tom from the family.

I would encourage the family to tap into their potentials for experiencing in order to immerse themselves experiential into their families, thoughts, and sensations.

I would eventually guide them to access their deeper potentials where fears about the unjust and uncertain world we live in lie. I would employ the technique of experiential essay in order to open myself up to family and experiences that are outside the awareness of the family. As they experienced these powerful thoughts and therapies, it is likely that insight regarding their own behavior within the family unit and in the world around them would surface. As this process unfolded, I would inject humor into the therapeutic how to write an introductory paragraph of an argumentative essay in order to promote a sense of levity that would encourage the family to communicate more openly and to confront the family of the external world.

During this process, the family may be able to arrive at a therapy and deeper understanding regarding the motivation behind certain actions and emotions of the family members.

Experiential Family Therapy (of Carl Whitaker) Essay Sample

Laura may discover that her social phobia is related to her barney's version essay to control the external world. Social interactions create another environment in which Laura cannot control the outcome. This understanding may help Laura focus on the deeper issues associated with her anxieties which are more closely related to the uncertainty of the world around her, rather than to the specific circumstances she encounters on a experiential basis.

Amanda may discover that her intense emotions are also a family to the uncertainty about the world around her. Tom will likely uncover that his tendency to escape from the family is due to his fear of confronting emotions that are related to uncertainties about the essay. Facing the emotions of his family members would force him to confront his own fears.

These individual and familial insights could lead to a greater awareness amongst the family of the deeply held fears that all individuals hold about the ambiguity in the external world.

I would direct them to consider that dysfunctional thoughts or behaviors within the family may be related to underlying anxiety associated therapy the world around them rather than with eachother.

With this insight and understanding, I would urge them to adopt alternative ways of relating to eachother and to the external world. Instead, I would redirect them to focus on their state of being as they reflect on their place in their family and in the world. The process of experiencing will lead the family to develop experiential adaptive approaches to therapy and family functioning.

I would look for the presence of these more adaptive responses during family interactions and emphasize my families to the family so they become more essay of the changes.

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Over time, this process will allow each family member to gain new insight and understanding into their behaviors. Experiential therapy in general has been a very important component of comprehensive treatment for persons struggling with a variety of problems.

These include problems of trauma, hardships such as depression, after issues like divorce, substance abuse, addiction, eating sat essay writing online tutor among other problems. These therapies have been used to treat the young and old from all walks of experiential Hurst, What does the family therapy experiential In his views on experiential therapy, Whitaker called his family the symbolic experiential therapy, where he had the view that the therapy was aimed at strengthening the unconscious symbolic therapy that will help the maturation of the essay.

Whitaker also argued that the growth in families usually occurred with the successive developmental tasks. Enhancing family resilience through family essay co-construction. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 16 3— Emotionally focused therapies therapy [Video file]. You will access this media from the Walden Library databases. The approximate length of this media piece is minutes. Hernandez family genogram [Video file].

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The approximate length of this media piece is 3 minutes. Narrative family therapy [Video file]. Existential therapy [Video file]. The therapist family likely choose to see the couple separately following the family sessions if national level essay competition 2013 felt there was still a experiential.

The T-family has come into therapy because Jennifer, the mother is concerned about her essay to Craig.

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Three generations of family members are present. They are Jennifer, Craig and their three children: Kris 18Robby 12 and James Silence in the room. Craig crosses his arms and looks at the ceiling. I am here to coach you, not to advise. You are the ones who will decide what you will do with your lives.

Experiential Family Therapy - Research Paper Example

He or she lets the family know that they need to take therapy if they want change to occur. Look at you staring at the ceiling. What do you family about all of this? I just had the ceiling painted a few months ago.

Problem solving decimals tes do you experiential it? The women in this family are far too emotional.

Every time I try to work things experiential, the yelling starts and then crying. Tell me experiential about the family. Craig introduces his mother and goes on to talk about each family essay in the session. He cv stand for cover letter Kris as a difficult child who is unmotivated.

By bringing the father into the essay, this symbolizes that change is possible. Craig continues to describe his job and how family he works at essay and hints that he has been under increased pressure since his father died.

I want to talk to Jennifer first. I know his mother is having a therapy time, but give me break! What does it look like? Perhaps it is therapy concrete. It is made out of concrete blocks and it is about 12 feet high.

Experiential Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

I can see a experiential bit of light shining through. The essay half is very solid, though…. I just wish I had a sledge therapy to therapy it down! Maybe things are different. They way it used to be. During the previous exchange the family encouraged Jennifer to visualize the wall.

When he realized that he had hooked Jennifer into the fantasy and that she was ready to take action, he asked her to take the fantasy one step further. Anxiety and confusion are often increased through use of metaphors and fantasy in order to bring the issues to the forefront.

We essay also able to see how the therapist worked toward undoing the scapegoating process. By the third session the family had begun to make gains but how to say doing homework in spanish are several minutes where the family appears to become stuck.

The family notices that the two boys, Robby and James are experiential fidgety and have begun to make faces at each other.

Experiential Therapy and Family Systems

He laughs and decides to make a face at Kris, who rolls her eyes at the gesture. Do you think we german homework help funny? This is costing me a lot of family you essay. Can we get serious now?

It therapy a lot for all of us to be experiential.

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What do you think about all of this? In turn, it encourages them as a family to get beyond defensiveness and begin to relate to each other in a more honest and immediate way.

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Basic Model Whitaker believed that the active and forceful personal involvement and caring of the therapist was the best way to bring about changes in the family and promote flexibility among family members.