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How to say doing homework in spanish - How do you say doing homework in spanish

Oct 06,  · "Do you have your homework?" in Spanish is "¿Tiene su tarea?" It is pronounced "tee-AY-nay sue tah-RAY-ah?" Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the transl ation.

Very well, thank you.

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You estoy bien I am doing good How do you say 'How are you doing' in Spanish? How do you say what are you doing in Spanish? Instead of putting your efforts into not doing your homework, you could put your efforts into actually doing it. It's much better for you in the long run.

Homework may be tedious at times, but hey, that's life.

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How do you say what are you doing without in Spanish? Thesis continuous integration es la fecha?

Means, "What is the homework? How do you say what you doing baby in spanish? From a man to a woman; parents to their baby daughter: From a woman to a man: How do you say do we have homework in Spanish?

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Please see this site for confirmation of the translation: I did my homework OR I have done my homework. How do you say this in Spanish my math homework was difficult yesterday so i didn't do it?

How do you say how are you doing scholarships for phd thesis Spanish? There are how ways to say "How are you doing?

Though the most formal way would be: How do you say How is my man homework today in Spanish? You don't "get out of" doing your work -- you can decide to take the bad grade, maybe to fail for the year, but you don't get out of doing it.

There is no way to "get out" of doing it. If you are willing to take the bad grade and maybe stay in the doing class for years, just don't do it. How do you say what are you spanish later in Thesis more tag How do you say mother is doing fine in spanish?

Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation. How do you say do you say your homework in Spanish?

Homework in Spanish

The teacher wanted you to do the homework. I think that Mary did the homework yesterday. I forgot my homework. I thought that Mary had done the homework. You should do the homework. Debes hacer la tarea. I thought that he would do his homework in the afternoon.

He told me that he was going to do his homework in the afternoon. Me dijo que iba a hacer sus tareas por la tarde. I do homework at night.

How do you say "I am doing homework" in Spanish?

Hago la tarea por las noches. I hope that Mary has done her homework. I thought that Mary would do her homework this afternoon. We are doing our homework. Estamos haciendo nuestros deberes al respecto. This is the homework which we have to do.

En cualquier caso, son tareas nuestras que debemos hacer.

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We have to do our homework for ourselves. Tenemos que hacer nuestros deberes nosotros mismos. We have done our homework. Hemos hecho nuestras tareas. They have done their homework. Ellos han hecho sus deberes. Homework has to be done.

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Estos se tienen que hacer. Nosotros hemos hecho los deberes. Both sides have their homework to do. Ambas partes tienen sus deberes. We must all do our homework. Todos tenemos que hacer nuestros deberes.

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This is the homework which we have to do.

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Though the most formal way would be: Why do kids get bored doing homework? Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

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